Instructions for Paper and Poster Presentations

Regular Paper Presentation

1. All regular paper presentations will take place in LT-15 or LT-17.

2. Each oral prsentation slot is 20 minutes (i.e., 15-min talk + 5-min discussion).

3. Each presentation room is equipped with a desktop computer, a data projector, an overhead projector, a visualiser, and a microphone. You are strongly recommended to use the desktops provided by the conference. The computers are equipped with: Windows XP, Internet connection, USB port, DVD player, Office 2003, Acrobat Reader, Flash Player, and Media Player (Microsoft / Real / QuickTime).

4. Please notify the session chair of your presence and upload your slides to the computer in your presentation room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session, and make sure you check if your slides can be displayed properly.

Poster Presentation

1. The poster session will take place in the common area outside LT-15 and LT-17.

2. The display panels can comfortably accommodate A0 posters in PORTRAIT orientation, i.e., 841mm(W)x1189mm(H). Mounting items such as Blu-Tack and adhesive tapes will be provided. Please feel free to ask our staff members to help.

3. Your poster should have a title in large font which is highly visible to even passers-by. Its contents also need fonts large enough to be readable from 1 to 2 metres away.

4. It may not be a good idea to simply create a few slides and patch them together like an enlarged handout of an oral presentation. Please prepare a proper poster. A poster allows you to arrange things anywhere you want. For example, the system diagram can be in the centre, surrounded by descriptions and performance tables of its individual components. So take advantage of this flexibility.

5. Try to choose visual aids like figures, diagrams, cartoons, colors, even lines over texts on your poster to show the research idea and the logic flow of the contents. Also, prepare "mini-talks" as short as 30 seconds, and some as long as 5 minutes, to explain your ideas to audience of various backgrounds and interests.